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To develop discipline,a few activities are :
-Physical exercises and games in playground for children aged 3 or above where they can climb, slide, swing and run for 20/30 minutes daily; <ref> (p 30) </ref>
-Nurturing aesthetic values by allowing them to choose from various activities (clay, crafts, embroidery, painting, tie & dye, cooking, origami, soft-toys & puppet making so on..) .This helps them to express beauty and teaches them self-discipline; <ref> (p93) </ref>
-Setting up practical corners for Montessori activities that encourage discipline and concentrating on an activity, and the habit of clearing up after using materials; <ref> </ref>
-Personalised learning programs for the age group (11-13) where they organized themselves, working in small groups or individually to do various assignments. This allowed them to exercise self-discipline and self-organization. <ref> (p14)</ref>