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When one repeats a mantra regularly, very often it begins to repeat itself within, which means that it is taken up by the inner being. <ref></ref>
Matter consciousness is inert as well as largely subconscious - active only when driven by an energy, otherwise inactive and immobile. <ref></ref>
Meditation means properly the concentration of the mind on a single train of ideas which work out a single subject. <ref></ref>
A process leading towards knowledge and through knowledge; it is a thing of the head and not of the heart. <ref></ref>
==Mental Being==
The true mental being is not the same as the inner mental ; true mental, true vital, true physical being means the Purusha of that level freed from the error and ignorant thought and will of the lower Prakriti and directly open to the knowledge and guidance above. <ref></ref>
The seat of the physical consciousness proper, commanding the physical consciousness and the sub­ conscient. <ref></ref>
The physical centre is also the sex-centre. The apex of it is at the end of the spine and it projects forward from there - commanding the organ and its action. <ref></ref>
The mulādhāra from which the Kundalini rises is not in the physical body but in the subtle body ; so also are all the centres. But as the subtle body penetrates and is interfused with the gross body, there is a certain correspondence between these chakras and certain centres in the physical proper. <ref></ref>
Part of the nature which has to do with cognition and intelligence, with ideas, with mental or thought perceptions, the reactions of thought to things, with the truly mental movements and formations, mental visions and will etc. that are part of the intelligence. <ref></ref>