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Goddess of the supreme strength; with her are all mights and spiritual force and severest austerity of tapas and swiftness to the battle and the victory and the laughter, the aṭṭahāsya, that makes light of defeat and death and the powers of the ignorance. <ref></ref>
Goddess of divine skill and of the works of the Spirit ; hers is the yoga that is skill in works and the utilities of divine knowledge and the self-application of the spirit to life and the happiness of its harmonies. <ref></ref>
Original Power, supreme Nature, holding in herself infinite existence and creating the wonders of the cosmos. <ref></ref>
Goddess of the supreme knowledge ; brings to us her vision for all kinds and widenesses of truth, her rectitude of the spiritual will, the calm and passion of her supramental largeness, her felicity and illumination. <ref></ref>
The theory of the mantra is that it is a word of power born out of the secret depths of our being where it has been brooded upon by a deeper consciousness than the mental, framed in the heart and not constructed by the intellect, held in the mind, again concentrated on by the waking mental consciousness and then thrown out silently or vocally - the silent word is perhaps held to be more potent than the spoken - precisely for the work of creation. The Mantra can not only create new subjective states in ourselves, alter our psychical being, reveal knowledge and faculties we did not before possess, can not only produce similar results in other minds than that of the user, but can produce vibrations in the mental and vital atmosphere which result in effects, in actions and even in the production of material forms on the physical plane. <ref></ref>