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The planes Overmind is a sort of consciousness, delegation from the three highest—Ananda Supermind (with Sat and Chit resting upon itthis is a metaphor only), Supermind and Overmind—might be called which supports the three Supernalspresent evolutionary universe in which we live here in Matter. Overmind stands at If Supermind were to start here from the top of beginning as the lower hemisphere. <ref> creative Power, a world of-the-parts-kind we see now would be impossible; it would have been full of-the-being#p7</ref> Between divine Light from the Overmind and beginning, there would be no involution in the human mind there are a number inconscience of Matter, consequently no gradual striving evolution of more and more luminous gradations; <ref>http://incarnatewordconsciousness in line is therefore drawn between the higher half of-the-parts-universe of-consciousness, ''parārdha'', and the-being#p7</ref> [lower half, ''aparārdha''. The higher consciousness half is above constituted of ''Sat, Chit, Ananda, Mahas'' (the ordinary supramental)—the lower half of mind], life, Matter. This line is the intermediary Overmind which, though luminous itself, keeps from us the full indivisible supramental Light, depends on it ranges from higher mind through illumined mindindeed, but in receiving it, divides, distributes, intuition and overmind breaks it up into separated aspects, powers, multiplicities of all kinds, each of which it is possible by a further diminution of consciousness such as we reach in Mind to regard as the border line of sole or the chief Truth and all the supramentalrest as subordinate or contradictory to it. <ref></ref>
Overmind is the highest source of the cosmic consciousness available to the embodied being in the Ignorance. <ref></ref>