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The planes of consciousness, the three highest—Ananda (with Sat and Chit resting upon it), Supermind and Overmind—might be called the three Supernals. Overmind stands at the top of the lower hemisphere. <ref></ref> Between the Overmind and the human mind there are a number of more and more luminous gradations; <ref></ref> [The higher consciousness is above the ordinary mind], it ranges from higher mind through illumined mind, intuition and overmind up to the border line of the supramental. <ref></ref>
Overmind is the highest source of the cosmic consciousness available to the embodied being in the Ignorance. <ref></ref>
The integrality of the Supermind keeps always the essential truth of things, the total truth and the truth of its individual self-determinations clearly knit together; it maintains in them an inseparable unity and between them a close interpenetration and a free and full consciousness of each other: but in Overmind this integrality is no longer there. And yet the Over mind Overmind is well aware of the essential Truth of things; it embraces the totality; it uses the individual self-determinations without being limited by them: but although it knows their oneness, can realise it in a spiritual cognition, yet its dynamic movement, even while relying on that for its security, is not directly determined by it. <ref></ref>