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On the physical plane the Divine expresses himself through beauty, on the mental plane through knowledge, on the vital plane through power and on the psychic plane through love.
= Why is Love Essential? =
It is as the love of the Divine grows that the other things cease to trouble the mind. <ref></ref>
In this love lie peace and joy, the fount of all strength and all realisation. It is the infallible healer, the supreme consoler; it is the victor, the sovereign teacher. <ref></ref>
Love alone can work this miracle, for love opens all doors, penetrates every wall, clears every obstacle.<ref></ref>
If the spirit of divine love can enter, the hardness of the way diminishes, the tension is lightened, there is a sweetness and joy even in the core of difficulty and struggle. The indispensable surrender of all our will and works and activities to the Supreme is indeed only perfect and perfectly effective when it is a surrender of love.
= How to Love? =