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==What is Sincerity?==
Sincerity consists in making all the elements of the being, all the movements (whether outer or inner), all the parts of the being, all of them, have one single will to belong to the Divine, to live only for the Divine, to will only what the Divine wills, to express only the divine Will, to have no other source of energy than that of the Divine. <ref></ref>
Be true to your true self always—that is the real sincerity. Persist and conquer. <ref></ref>
==Why Sincerity is Important?==
'''===Aid in Purification===
'''In reality, in order to discern exactly what is false requires sincerity in the aspiration, such resolution in the will to be true... <ref></ref>
===To be in Harmony with the Truth of our Being===
It is this sincerity in the aspiration for progress, in the will for truth, in the need to be truly pure—pure as it is understood in the spiritual life—it is this sincerity which is the key to all progress. With it you know—and you can. <ref></ref>
==How to be Sincere?==
When, at any moment, whatever may happen, the being has given itself to the Divine and wants only the divine Will, when, no matter what is going on in the being, at any moment whatever, always, the whole being in perfect unanimity can say to the Divine and feels for the Divine, "Let Thy Will be done", when it is spontaneous, total, integral, then you are sincere. But until this is established, it is a mixed sincerity, more or less mixed, right up to the point where one is not at all sincere. <ref></ref>