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Prakṛti is only the executive or working force; the Power behind the Prakṛti is Shakti. It is the Chit-Shakti in manifestation : that is the spiritual consciousness. <ref></ref>
Prakṛti or Nature is the outer or executive side of Shakti or Conscious-Force which forms and moves the worlds. This outer side appears here to be mechanical, a play of the forces, guṇas, etc. Behind it is the living Consciousness and Force of the Divine, the divine Shakti. The Prakṛti is divided into the lower and the higher : the lower is the Prakṛti of the Ignorance, the Prakṛti of mind, life and matter separated in consciousness from the Divine ; the higher is the Divine Prakṛti of Sachchidananda with its manifesting power of Supermind, always aware of the Divine and free from Ignorance and its consequences. <ref></ref>
Prakṛti is the Force that acts. A Force may be in action or in quiescence, but when it rests, it is as much a Force as when it acts. The guṇas are an action of the Force, they are in the Force itself. <ref></ref>
It [Prakriti] divides itself into an inner Force that is free from its action (free from rajas, tamas etc.) and the outer Prakriti which it is using and changing. <ref></ref>