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We mean by planes of consciousness, planes of existence a general settled poise or world of relations between Purusha and Prakriti, between the Soul and Nature. For anything that we can call world is and can be nothing else than the working out of a general relation which a universal existence has created or established between itself, or let us say its eternal fact or potentiality and the powers of its becoming. That existence in its relations with and its experience of the becoming is what we call soul or Purusha, individual soul in the individual, universal soul in the cosmos; the principle and the powers of the becoming are what we call Nature or Prakriti. But since Being, conscious force and delight of being are always <ref> three constituent terms -planes-of -our-existence, the nature of #p4</ref> There is a world is really determined by vital plane (self-existent) above the way in material universe which Prakriti we see; there is set to deal with these three primary things a mental plane (self-existent) above the vital and the forms which it is allowed to give to themmaterial. For existence itself is and must always be These three together,—mental, vital, physical,—are called the stuff triple universe of its own becoming; it must be shaped into the substance with which Force has to deallower hemisphere. Force again must be They have been established in the power which works out that substance and works with it to whatever ends; Force is that which we ordinarily call Nature. Again earth-consciousness by evolution—but they exist in themselves before the endevolution, above the object with which the worlds are created must be worked out by the earth-consciousness inherent in all existence and all force and all their workings, and the object must be material plane to which the possession of itself and of its delight of existence earth belongs. <ref> /cwsa/28/the world. To that all -lower-nature-or-lower-hemisphere#p3</ref> The higher planes are the circumstances and aims of any world-existence must reduce themselves; it is existence developing its terms of beinghigher mind, its power of beingillumined, its conscious delight of being; if these are involvedintuitive, their evolution; if they are veiledover mind, their self-revelationsupermind. <ref></ref>