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Activity corners can be created by arranging the classrooms to have different activities. For instance, classroom 1: doll house, big Lego blocks, clay or beads; classroom 2: books, colouring, stitching, building with wooden blocks; classroom 3 : painting (on easel, spray painting, printing), games, crafts with recycled boxes and plastics, modelling clay; <ref> (p.33)</ref>
In each area the teachers can set up the materials, explain to the children how to use them and observe the children. This helps to make sure that the children do not just hop from one thing to the other but also cultivate an ability to concentrate;<ref> (p. 54)</ref>
In these activity corners, children are able to handle material independently and go more in depth with their exploration;<ref> (p. 40)</ref>
In these activity corners, children play individually and in small groups, in a spontaneous manner;<ref> (p. 40)</ref>
Making the classroom a stable point of reference along with the class teacher and the classmates. The children moving around and exploring the different activity centers and corners, closely supported by the class teacher allows the children freedom as much as possible without giving them the feeling of being anchorless; <ref> (p.43)</ref>
A few examples of activity corners are art and craft center, drama center, block center, science center, cooking and gardening center, quiet room, reading corner, sandpit, a corner for play dough and clay, sand and water, games and puzzles, self-study corners for individual studies on subjects like art, maths, science etc. with all available resources; <ref> (p.43)</ref><ref> (p. 40)</ref>
'''''Activity corners in a Quiet Room'''''
===Arts and Crafts for Faculty Development===
Allowing children to choose from from various art classes such as crafts, paintings, clay, carpentry and pottery activities through which the latent faculties of the children can be addressed; <ref></ref>
Creating an opportunity to freely express themselves by involving the children exclusively in one of the art works such as clay work; <ref> (p.106)</ref>