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Concentration means gathering of all the scattered movements of consciousness into a single point, place, object, thought, idea, condition, state or movement. <ref></ref> <ref></ref> <ref> </ref>
Concentration is an active state. One may concentrate mentally, one may concentrate vitally, psychically, physically, and one may concentrate integrally. Concentration or the capacity to gather oneself at one point is more difficult than meditation. One may gather together one portion of your one's being or consciousness or one may gather together the whole of one's consciousness or even fragments of it, that is, the concentration may be partial, total or integral, and in each case the result will be different. <ref></ref>
Concentration is not only an intellectual thing, it may be found in all the activities of the being, including bodily activities. The control over the nerves should be such as would allow one a complete concentration on what one is doing and, through the very intensity of one's concentration, one acquires an immediate response to external touches. To attain this concentration one needs a conscious control of the energies. <ref> </ref>