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As one goes beyond the ordinary surface body Your consciousness, we discover an inner level becomes a screen or mirror; but this is when you are in a state of mentalcontemplation, vitala mere observer; when you are active, physical being along with it is like a inner subtle - physical beingsearchlight. By identifying ourselves with our inner beingYou have only to turn it on, we are able if you want to observe our thoughts see luminously and feelings and can trace the source and motives of our actions and operative energies that build up our surface personality. This helps us examine penetratingly anything in improving our self-visionany place. (The Mother, 30 June 1929) <ref></ref>
It is only through self-observation one gets an intuitive perception of the Nature forces - sattva, rajas, tamas.
By Observing one’s dreams, one can come to understand them and their significance to our inner life.