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Read more about Divine Love from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

"One single drop of Thy divine love can transform this suffering into an ocean of delight!”


What is Divine Love?

A supreme divine Love is a creative Power. It is a supreme force which the Eternal Consciousness sent down from itself.

It is of two kinds—the Divine love for the creation and the souls that are part of itself and the love of the seeker and love for the Divine Beloved.

When one has found divine Love, it is the Divine that one loves in all beings. There is no longer any division. [2] [3] [4] Divine Love, true love, finds its delight and its satisfaction in itself; it has no need to be received and appreciated, nor to be shared―it loves for the sake of loving, as a flower blooms. [5]

The divine intensity of self-forgetfulness, the capacity of throwing oneself out entirely, making no restriction and no reservation, as a gift, asking nothing in exchange, this is little known to human beings. [6]

How can Divine Love be Misinterpreted?

There is only one true love which is the Divine Love; all other loves are diminutions, limitations and deformations of that Love. Even the love of the bhakta for his God is a diminution and often is tainted by egoism. [7]

It has become in human nature something low, brutal, selfish, violent, ugly, or else it is something weak and sentimental, made up of the pettiest feeling, brittle, superficial, exacting. [8]

What is True Love for the Divine?

The true love for the Divine is a self-giving, free of demand, full of submission and surrender; it makes no claim, imposes no condition, strikes no bargain, indulges in no violences of jealousy or pride or anger—for these things are not in its composition. In return the Divine Mother also gives herself, but freely—and this represents itself in an inner giving—her presence in your mind, your vital, your physical consciousness, her power re-creating you in the divine nature, taking up all the movements of your being and directing them towards perfection and fulfilment, her love enveloping you and carrying you in its arms Godwards. It is this that you must aspire to feel and possess in all your parts down to the very material, and here there is no limitation either of time or of completeness. If one truly aspires and gets it, there ought to be no room for any other claim or for any disappointed desire. And if one truly aspires, one does unfailingly get it, more and more as the purification proceeds and the nature undergoes its needed change. [9]

Why is Divine Love Important?

Love is a supreme force which the Eternal Consciousness sent down from itself into an obscure and darkened world that it might bring back that world and its beings to the Divine. The material world in its darkness and ignorance had forgotten the Divine. Love came into the darkness; it awakened all that lay there asleep.[10]

The moment one opens to the Divine Love, you also receive its power of Transformation. But it is not in terms of quantity that you can measure it; what is essential is the true contact; for, one will find that the true contact with it is sufficient to fill at once the whole of your being. [11]

A human being, awakened by this personal touch, with this personal intensity, to the consciousness of the Divine love, will find his work and change made more easy; the union for which he seeks becomes more natural and close. And the union, the realisation will become for him, too, more full, more perfect; for the wide uniformity of a universal and impersonal Love will be lit up and vivified with the colour and beauty of all possible relations with the Divine. [12]

Once one has found divine Love, all other loves, which are nothing but disguises, can lose their deformities and become pure―then it is the Divine that one loves in everyone and everything. [13]

What Happens when Divine Love is Not Present?

The lower vital way is only a source of suffering, trouble, disappointment, disillusion and disunion. Even a slight element of it shakes the foundations of peace and replaces the movement towards Ananda by a fall towards sorrow, discontent and Nirananda. [14]

How Can Divine Love Flourish?

What are the Prerequisites for Manifestation of Divine Love?

There is the one divine Love secret in all things, but the manifestation [of it in matter and in forms of life ] depends upon the state of consciousness and its organisation. [15]

The will to pierce through this limited and human form of love and discover the principle of divine Love which is behind it. [16]

Connecting with one’s psychic being, can put one in contact with the divine forces. And then one begins to feel, to have a kind of perception of what Divine Love can be.[17]

How to Experience Divine Love?

Love should be a flowering of joy and union and confidence and self-giving and Ananda. [18]

If one wants to know what love is, one must love the Divine. Then there is a chance of knowing what love is.One grows into the likeness of what one loves. So if one loves the Divine, gradually, through this effort of love, one grows more and more like the Divine, and then one can be identified with the divine love and know what it is. [19] The indispensable surrender of all our will and works and activities to the Supreme is indeed only perfect and perfectly effective when it is a surrender of love. All life turned into this cult, all actions done in the love of the Divine and in the love of the world and its creatures seen and felt as the Divine manifested in many disguises become by that very fact part of an integral Yoga. [20]

Read more about Divine Love from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.