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Read more about Colours from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

"Colour, the soul's bridegroom,"[1]


Getting to Know Colours

Colours are considered from a mental standpoint, or at least because the vision is influenced by the mind of the interpreter. But if one rises above the mind to the truly occult regions beyond, the real meaning of each colour is the same for all those who can read it directly. [2]

We see colour because that is the presentation which consciousness makes to itself of one of its own operations; but colour is only an operation of Force working in the form of Light, and Light again is only a movement, that is to say an operation of Force. [3]

An Indian artist begins from within, sees in his soul the thing he wishes to express or interpret and tries to discover the right line, colour and design of his intuition which, when it appears on the physical ground, is not a just and reminding reproduction of the line, colour and design of physical nature, but much rather what seems to us a psychical transmutation of the natural figure. [4]

There is in all the art an inspired harmony of conception, method and expression. Colour too is used as a means for the spiritual and psychic intention. [5]

Significance of Colours


Blue is the normal colour of the spiritual planes; [6]

Blue the higher consciousness in the vital. [7]

The plane with the blue light is the Higher Mind which is just above the ordinary human intelligence, [8]


Gold is always the symbol of the higher Truth. [9]

Gold the hue of the supramental knowledge or of knowledge from the intermediate planes.[10]


Green is the higher light in the vital, especially the emotional vital.[11]

The green light is a vital force, a dynamic force of the emotional vital which has the power to purify, harmonise or cure. [12]

Green is a vital energy of work and action. [13]


Orange or red gold is supposed by the way to be the light of the supramental in the physical.[14]

Orange is the true light manifested in the physical consciousness and being.[15]


The colour of the psychic light is according to what it manifests—e.g., psychic love is pink or rose, the psychic purity is white etc. [16]


Purple is the colour of vital power. [17]


Red is the colour of the physical. [18]

Deep red is the Divine Love—rosy is the psychic love. [19]


...the white light is the light of the Mother (the Divine Consciousness) in which all others are contained and from which they can be manifested.[20]

...white the purity and power of the divine Truth.[21]


...yellow is the most glorious colour of all. It is the golden colour of Light—the Light which comes from the Source and Origin of all things and which, with its helping hand, will lead evolving humanity back to its divine Origin. [22]

Yellow is the colour of the light of the thinking mind... The shades indicate different intensities of mental light. [23]

Read more about Colours from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.