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So there is a long, long, long way to go before merging one's ego in the Divine.
Merge one's ego in the Divine! But first, one can't merge one's ego in the Divine before becoming completely individualized. “What can I call my mind?" or "What is my mind?"
One needs years of very attentive, very careful, very reasonable, very coherent work, organisation, selection, construction, in order to succeed simply in forming, oh, simply this little thing, one's own way of thinking! One believes he has his own way of thinking. Not at all. It depends totally upon the people one speaks with or the books he has read or on the mood he is in. It depends also on whether you have a good or bad digestion, it depends on whether you are shut up in a room without proper ventilation or whether you are in the open air. <ref></ref>
In each one, I believe, it happens in a different way. It may happen suddenly, in the space of a moment, by a kind of inner reversal; it may take years; it may take centuries, it may take several lives. For each one there is a moment when it happens when he is ready and I think he is ready when he is completely formed. The purpose of existence of the ego is the formation of the individual. When the individual is ready the ego can disappear. But before that it does not disappear because it still has some work to do. <ref></ref>