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Psychic being is quite different from the mind or vital ; it stands behind them where they meet in the heart. Its central place is there, but behind the heart rather than in the heart; for what men call usually the heart is the seat of emotion, and human emotions are mental-vital impulses, not ordinarily psychic in their nature. This mostly secret power behind, other than the mind and the life-force, is the true soul, the psychic being in us. The power of the psychic, however, can act upon the mind and vital and body, purifying thought and perception and emotion (which then becomes psychic feeling) and sensation and action and everything else in us and preparing them to be divine movements. The psychic being may he described in Indian language as the Purusha in the heart or the ''Chaitya Purusha'', but the inner or secret heart must be understood, ''hṛdaye guhāyām'', not the outer vital-emotional centre. <ref></ref>
The supramental change can take place only if the psychic is awake and is made the chief support of the descending supramental power. <ref></ref>
The psychic being is the developing soul consciousness manifested for the created being as it evolves. At first, the soul is something essential behind the veil, not developed in front. In front there is only the body, life, mind. In the evolution the soul consciousness develops more and more in the created being until it is so developed that it can come entirely in front and govern mind, life and body. <ref></ref>
The psychic being is the soul evolving in the course of birth and rebirth and the soul is a portion of the Divine—but with the soul there is always the veiled Divine. <ref></ref>
==Psychic Powers==