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===Examples of Other Field Trips in Auroville Schools===
== '''Revelation Forest, Auroville =='''
On one of the field trips, a group of students and teachers went to Revelation, where they were taken on a walk through the forest and showed the work that has been doing there for many years. They were shown how carefully planned bunding and small dams stop erosion and collect the rainwater, so that it can replenish the aquifer. The thousands of planted trees hold the soil with their roots, and falling leaves create healthy topsoil. All kinds of animals and birds are attracted to this sanctuary. The ultimate goal is to re-establish the tropical dry evergreen forest of indigenous species that used to cover this land long ago. Such field trips and first hand observations stir children’s imagination and make them much more aware. <ref> (p.9)</ref>
=== '''Field Trip to Adyar Ponga ==='''
Throughout the last 2 years the children had been studying elements of Environmental Science. This culminated in a trip to Adyar Poonga, an eco-park in Chennai which is the result of the restoration of the vegetation of the freshwater eco-systems of the Adyar River and estuary. This was a very uplifting experience. The students saw that with attention and hard work even areas which had been made into ecological disasters could be restored. <ref></ref> (under Farms, forests and gardens)