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Another important aspect is Faith. There is one kind of faith demanded as indispensable by the integral Yoga and that may be described as faith in God and the Shakti, faith in the presence and power of the Divine in us and the world, a faith that all in the world is the working of one divine Shakti. <ref></ref>
= Concluding Note Difficulties in Perfection=
One The ego-sense is contrary to spiritual realisation, so how can perfect oneself any kind of ego be a thing to be encouraged? As for evermorethe magnified ego, as Divine it is one of the most perilous obstacles to release and perfection towards which we move. It is our confidence and sincerity to transform personal imperfection which would help There should be no big I, not even a small one become more and more perfect . <ref> the thoughts /cwsa/31/ego-and actions. Our patience with ourselves to self-awareness its-forms#p54</ref>The difficulty that the mind cannot wholly mentalise life and observation is key to this transformation. Inner matter; there are considerable parts of the life being and outer perfection is the body which remain in the process realm of natural evolution, however, the personal perseverance of each individual would help submental and the subconscient or inconscient. This is one serious obstacle to transform to greater the mind's endeavour towards the perfection consciouslyof the nature.<ref>http://incarnateword. in/cwsa/22/the-ascent-towards-supermind#p16</ref>