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So long as one remains in the world-existence, this perfection must radiate out from him,—for that is the necessity of his oneness with the universe and its beings. <ref>ttp://</ref>
= How to Achieve Perfection=
We do not become perfect, but only shift the field of our imperfection or at most attain a limited altitude. <ref></ref> For this shifting of imperfection to perfection, the first step is to become conscious of yourself, of the different parts of one’s being and their respective activities. For becoming conscious of oneself, one must be quite awake, <ref></ref> in a state of observation of one’s thoughts and actions; becoming clearly aware of these movements, noticing their reaction, impulses etc. With a constant observation and practice, one does not only become a witness of what is happening within them but will also be aware of the origin of these movements. Perseverance, endurance, patience, and sincerity with a calm determination are the tools required to progress towards perfection.
To grow towards self perfection whatever By silencing the mind and living in calm state is a step on the task at hand, one must strive for progress and path of perfection. Those who have thus possessed the Calm within can perceive always welling out from its silence the perennial supply of the energies that work in the universe. It will help is not, therefore, the truth of the Silence to move towards selfsay that it is in its nature a rejection of the cosmic activity.<ref> Often omnipresent#p5</ref>The calm established in the whole being must remain the surface vital nature same whatever happens, in health and disease, in pleasure and in pain, even in us distinguishes a task the strongest physical pain, in hand as big good fortune and misfortune, our own or small. Howeverthat of those we love, there is a scope for progress even in a task which is seen as smallsuccess and failure, honour and insult, praise and blame, justice done to us or injustice, everything that ordinarily affects the mind.<ref>http://incarnateword. It can be used for progress in self/cwsa/24/the-perfection. action-of-equality#p5</ref>
*With a perfect sincerity to transform imperfections, Another important aspect is Faith. There is one can move towards perfection.  *The Vital (emotions) kind of faith demanded as indispensable by the integral Yoga and Ego present that may be described as faith in us makes no man perfect; howeverGod and the Shakti, faith in the transformation presence and power of this surface vital nature perfection becomes possible.  *Self-observation the Divine in us and sincerity are key.  *Seeing the imperfections with world, a courage to progress one can attain future perfection *Transforming this imperfection towards perfection faith that all in the world is part the working of our evolutionone divine Shakti. <ref></ref>
= Perfection of Oneself, Community and Others =