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= Mind, Body, Life and Integral Perfection =
Our mind is partial, biased and always in search of what must be. It can turn towards the outer world and watch the world for what should be or turn inwards & concentrate on our own spiritual growth and perfection.
The obstacle to mind’s endeavor to perfection is its limitation to go beyond itself . The mind finds fully its force and action only when it casts itself upon life energy and accepts equally its possibilities and its resistances as the means of a greater self-perfection .
On the other hand, our body is a remarkable instrument - the most difficult to transform yet the most capable. Sleep, dream, exercise, illness, posture, beauty in movements are a few aspects of the physical culture through which perfection in the body can be brought. The physical body is a basis of action, pratiṣṭhā, which cannot be despised, neglected or excluded from the evolution: a perfection of the body as the outer instrument of a complete divine living on earth will be necessarily a part of integral perfection. When the body has learned the art of constantly progressing towards an increasing perfection, we shall be well on the way to overcome the inevitability of death.
'''Mind, Life and Body'''
Mind, life, body, all the forms of our nature are the means for the growth of the spirit. They find their last perfection only by opening out to something beyond them. The ego generally governs the development of the individual; however, as the individuality perfects itself, the power of the ego diminishes, the true individuality emerges, the individual upons to the force descending from above and thus moves towards perfection.
== '''Yoga of Integral Perfection =='''
A Yoga of integral perfection regards man as a divine spiritual being involved in mind, life and body; it aims therefore at a liberation and a perfection of his divine nature. It seeks to make an inner living in the perfectly developed spiritual being his constant intrinsic living and the spiritualised action of mind, life and body only its outward human expression.