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Sap or essence of a thing and its taste; <ref></ref> the delight in things. <ref></ref>

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Radha is the personification of the absolute love for the Divine, total and integral in all parts of the being from the highest spiritual to the physical, bringing the absolute self-giving and total consecration of all the being and calling down into the body and the most material Nature the supreme Ananda. [1]


The soul, the psychic, hearing the call of the Divine and flowering into the complete love and surrender that brings the supreme Ananda. That is what Radha and Krishna by their divine union bring about in the human consciousness. [2]


Force of kinesis, translates in quality as struggle and effort, passion and action. [3]


It aims at the liberation and perfection of the mental being, the control of the emotional and sensational life, the mastery of the whole apparatus of thought and consciousness. It fixes its eyes on the citta, that stuff of mental consciousness in which all these activities arise, and it seeks, even as Hathayoga with its physical material, first to purify and to tranquillise. The normal state of man is a condition of trouble and disorder, a kingdom either at war with itself or badly governed; for the lord, the Purusha, is subjected to his ministers the faculties, subjected even to his subjects, the instruments of sensation, emotion, action, enjoyment. Swarajya, self-rule, must be substituted for this subjection. First, therefore, the powers of order must be helped to overcome the powers of disorder. The preliminary movement of Rajayoga is a careful self-discipline by which good habits of mind are substituted for the lawless movements that indulge the lower nervous being. By the practice of truth, by renunciation of all forms of egoistic seeking, by abstention from injury to others, by purity, by constant meditation and inclination to the divine Purusha who is the true lord of the mental kingdom, a pure, glad, clear state of mind and heart is established. [4]


The Giant, the Ogre or Devourer of the world; [5] a being of vital hunger; the fierce giant Powers of darkness; the Veilers in Night; [6]beings of the middle vital plane who are in opposition to the gods. [7]

The Rākṣasa is the supreme and thorough-going individualist, who believes life to be meant for his own untrammelled self-fulfilment and self-assertion. A necessary element in humanity, he is particularly useful in revolutions. The Rākṣasa is not an altruist. If by satisfying himself he can satisfy others, he is pleased; but he does not make that his motive. If he has to trample on others to satisfy himself, he does so without compunction. [8]


Sap or essence of a thing and its taste; [9] the delight in things. [10]


Realistic Advaita


Reality as Self bases, supports, informs and pervades the worlds. This is also called the Brahman. Reality as Purusha, that is conscious being, witnesses and experiences. Reality as Ishwara wills, governs and possesses Its world of manifestation created and kept in motion and action by Its own conscious force which is variously termed as Maya, Prakriti and Shakti. [11]














Return for Kindness


Reversal of Consciousness

Right Action

Rotatory Movement

Rough Handling