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Perseverance Summary

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Perseverance is the decision to go to the very end1. It is patience in action2 breaking down all the obstacles.3 With perseverance, what you cannot do today you will be able to do tomorrow.4

Without perseverance one never attains anything.5

The source of perseverance is in the psychic being,6 which works with perseverance and ardour but it never complains and knows how to wait for the hour of realisation to come. It is always the vital being which protests and complains.7


For a happy and effective life, the essentials are sincerity, humility, perseverance and an insatiable thirst for progress. Above all, one must be convinced of a limitless possibility of progress.8 No victory can be won without a fixed fidelity to the aim and a long effort. There is no other way than to persevere.9

The self-perfection or even simply the self-improvement of each individual body is a problem to be solved, and its solution demands much patience, perseverance and regularity.10 When one wants to change something, particularly of the material life - whether the character or the functioning of the organs or habits, one must have an unfaltering perseverance, be ready to begin again a hundred times the same thing with the same intensity with which one did it the first time and as though one had never done it before.11

When one wants to progress, the difficulty one wants to conquer immediately increases tenfold in importance and intensity in one’s consciousness12. It is only by perseverance in aspiration or will that these difficulties can disappear.13

It is a long and meticulous work that requires much perseverance, but the result is worth the trouble, for it brings not only mastery but also the possibility of the transformation and illumination of the consciousness.14 It is thus that gradually, slowly, with perseverance, first of all with great care and much attention, one becomes conscious, learns to know oneself and then to become master of oneself.15


To work for your perfection, the first step is to become conscious of yourself, of the different parts of your being and their respective activities. You must learn to distinguish these different parts one from another, so that you may become clearly aware of the origin of the movements that occur in you, the many impulses, reactions and conflicting wills that drive you to action. It is an assiduous study which demands much perseverance and sincerity.16

The transformation of character has in fact been realised by means of a clear-sighted discipline and a perseverance so obstinate that nothing, not even the most persistent failures, can discourage it.17 Whatever method of development is chosen, determination and perseverance are indispensable to obtain success.18  All the methods of self-knowledge, self-control and self-mastery are good. You have to choose the one that comes to you spontaneously and best corresponds to your nature. And once having chosen the method, you must use your intelligent will to apply it with an unfailing perseverance that does not shrink from any obstacle, any difficulty. It is a long and minute work which must be undertaken with sincerity and continued with an increasing sincerity ever more scrupulous and integral.19

It is possible that you may not obtain an immediate result, but persevere20 quietly and let nothing discourage you21. You must be sincere in your perseverance; then the things you cannot do today, you will one day be able to do, after regular and persistent efforts.22

If you make a mistake, quietly observe it and correct the tendency next time. Even if the mistake recurs often, you have only to persevere quietly—remembering that nature cannot be changed in a day.23 The habit of remembering and applying one's knowledge at the right moment comes only by a great patience and perseverance which refuses to be discouraged by frequent failure.24 It is by persevering that one conquers difficulties, not by running away from them. One who perseveres is sure to triumph. Victory goes to the most enduring. Always do your best and the Lord will take care of the results.25

You must arm yourself with great patience, and not think that you are good for nothing because it takes so much time. You must never be despondent, never tell yourself, "Oh! This is not for me!" Everyone can do it, if he puts into it the time, the courage, the endurance and the perseverance that are demanded.26 And you must know that if a strong urge, a very strong urge to do something comes to you, that means this work has something to do with you and you are capable of doing it. But one can have powers which are so well hidden that one has to dig long before finding them. So you must not get discouraged at the first setback, you must persist.27

One must be more obstinate than the obstinate material nature and persevere until the light and truth can take permanent hold of the parts which are still responsive to the old movements. There can be no doubt that with this perseverance the Truth will in the end conquer.28  With an intensity of will, with perseverance and that indispensable good humour which smiles at difficulties and laughs at mistakes. Then everything will go well. 29

In Yoga

The road of Yoga is long, every inch of ground has to be won against much resistance and no quality is more needed by the sadhak than patience and single-minded perseverance with a faith that remains firm through all difficulties, delays and apparent failures.30 A great determination, a strong will and an untiring perseverance are indispensable to reach the goal.31 For each person the way differs in its details, but sincerity and perseverance are equally indispensable for all.32

Where the call of the soul perseveres, the response of the Divine must come.33