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Expansion and Widening Summary

Widen your consciousness to the dimension of the earth and you will have a place for everything. [1]

(The Mother, 20 September 1971)

What is Expansion and Wideness?

Man is there to affirm himself in the universe, that is his first business, but also to evolve and finally to exceed himself: he has to enlarge his partial being into a complete being, his partial consciousness into an integral consciousness; he has to achieve mastery of his environment but also world-union and world-harmony; he has to realise his individuality but also to enlarge it into a cosmic self and a universal and spiritual delight of existence. [2]

Expansion and widening is becoming more and more a universal being who is not limited by the the narrow mental, vital and physical walls of existence. It is rising out of this trapped and egocentric self to the connect with our inner being which is inherent with larger potentialities. Thus when we expand/widen our consciousness we have a place for everything.

Why Expand and Widen?

The very nature of mind, life and body is to evolve. The One Consciousness divides itself into innumerable fragments for the need of expansion. Life itself seeks for the perfection which it is eternally capable of . [3] The pressure from the spiritual worlds prepares a field to manifest the indwelling spirit. There is a constant labour of nature to ascend into a higher principle of being. It takes up all that is lower into the higher values.

In the growth of our being lies our true happiness. It creates a new sense of beauty and a thirst for truth and light.

We are at a decisive hour in the history of the earth. It is preparing for the coming of the superman and because of this the old way of life is losing its value. We must strike out boldly on the path of the future despite its new demands. The pettinesses once tolerable, are tolerable no longer. We must widen ourselves to receive what is going to come. [4]

How to Expand one’s Consciousness?

We start with the will to expand from the ignorant consciousness to a boundless finite. [5] We engage in new range of activities. We work with the sense of unity with the Divine. We feel the Divine moving, thinking and feeling in us. To feel the body in the wide free self and not attached to the limitations of the body.

Make all activities an outpouring of love for the One in All who is the Highest . [6] Love for all forms and creatures around us, we break free from the shell of ego.

Surrender of our little selves - our personal ideas, desires and attachments so that the Divine may take up everything. If we insist on our own ideas and reasonings, greater Light and Knowledge cannot come. [7]

To have an intense aspiration to expand. We must shift the stress of consciousness from external being to the inner being or still deeper to the psychic being. Be like a transmitting and receiving station, the wider the range , the more force it can hold.

By becoming more quieter and calmer without getting excited and agitated, we put ourselves in a capacity to receive from the higher forces. [8]

Outcomes of Expansion of Consciousness

Widening and expansion gives a great joy of being, a clearer sense of truth and things and an inner silence. We see things in a larger light and detect the origin and law of our feelings, emotions and sensations. The thick layer of ego gets thinned and we see ourselves reduced to a point of working of the universal force.[9] We are not carried away by the shocks and injuries, we deal with it in a calm equality. [10]

What Prevents Expansion of Consciousness?

  • The submental, subconscient, inconscient influence on nature. [11]Disrupts the mind’s natural tendency to reach beyond the mind by laying down its impulses and instincts.
  • Fear, distrust and skepticism [12]
  • Volatile vital with its desires, restlessness and unstability. [13]

Methods and Practices to Expand One’s Consciousness

  • Connection with the vastness of nature - gazing at the sky/stars/water body and expand into it. [14]
  • Do many different things - music, painting, reading varied subjects, learning languages, explore/travel.
  • When bored or troubled - thinking of the immensity and eternity of space and time before us. [15]
  • Participating in some work everyday as an expression of goodwill for all.

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