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Courage Summary

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Read more about Courage from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

What is Courage?

Courage is the total absence of fear in all its forms. Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Through Vital and Psychic Education

A strong vital is one that is full of life-force, has ambition, courage, great energy, a force for action or for creation, a large expansive movement whether for generosity in giving or for possession and lead and domination, a power to fulfil and materialise—many other forms of vital strength there are also. It is often difficult for such a vital to surrender itself because of this sense of its own powers—but if it can do so, it becomes an admirable instrument for the Divine Work. <ref><ref>

When the vital is converted, the impulses are good instead of being bad; wickedness is replaced by kindness, avarice by generosity; weakness disappears and strength and endurance take its place; cowardice is replaced by courage and energy. <ref><ref>

The vital as it is at present is said to be the cause of all the troubles and all the difficulties, the seat of the desires, passions, impulses, revolts, etc., etc. But if the vital is entirely surrendered to the psychic, it becomes a wonderful instrument, full of enthusiasm, power, force of realisation, impetus, courage. <ref><ref>


By dwelling with the will on the idea of courage or virtue it has been found that we can create courage or virtue in ourselves where they were formerly wanting. By brooding on an object with the will in mind in a state of masterful concentration it has been found that we can command the knowledge we need about the object. <ref><ref>

By concentration of our whole being on one status of itself, we can become whatever we choose; we can become, for instance, even if we were before a mass of weaknesses and fears, a mass instead of strength and courage. <ref><ref>

Faith and Contact with the Divine

When we trust in the Divine's Grace we get an unfailing courage. <ref><ref>

Another name for faith and selflessness, is courage. When one believes in God, when one believes that God is guiding, believes that God is doing all and that one is doing nothing, there is nothing to fear. One is led on by that power, protected through life and death by One who survives. In the very hour of death, one feels immortality. In the hour of one’s worst sufferings, one feels invincible. <ref><ref>

Read more about Courage from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.