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The aim of this page is to read the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and apply it in our lives. We read through various topics to delve deeper in each of them. Here is what The Mother says about how to read the works of Sri Aurobindo.
''“It is not by books that Sri Aurobindo ought to be studied but by subjects—what he has said on the Divine, on Unity, on religion, on evolution, on education, on self perfection, on supermind, etc., etc.”
''“If you want to know what Sri Aurobindo has said on a given subject, you must at least read all he has written on that subject. You will then see that he seems to have said the most contradictory things. But when one has read everything and understood a little, one sees that all the contradictions complement one another and are organised and unified in an integral synthesis.”
=The education of a human being should begin at birth and continue throughout his life.=
==Completed Modules==
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[[Illness Summary | Illness]]
[[Sleep and Dreams Summary | Sleep and Dreams]]
[[Prenatal Education Summary | Prenatal Education]]
[[Cellular Transformation Summary | Cellular Transformation]]
[[Health and Healing Summary | Health and Healing]]
[[Cells Summary | Cells]]
[[Sex Summary | Sex]]
[[Aesthetic Sense]]
[[Silence Summary | Silence]]
[[Attention Summary | Attention]]
[[Speech Summary | Speech]]
[[Courage Summary | Courage]]
[[Devotion/Bhakti Summary | Devotion/Bhakti]]
[[Oneness Summary | Oneness]]
[[Rejection Summary | Rejection]]
[[Stillness Summary | Stillness]]
[[Symbols/Forms Spiritual Significance Summary | Symbols/Forms Spiritual Significance]]
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*[[Related Books/Publications]]
*[[Psychic Education - Some Insights from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother]]
'''* [ Four Aspects of Divine Shakti]  * [ The Divine Shakti]  * [ Maheshwari]  * [ Mahakali]  * [ Mahalakshmi]  * [ Mahasaraawati]  == Related links for compilations based on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's writings'''==
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