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[[Four Types of Knowledge Summary | Types of Knowledge]]
[[Inner Attitude Summary | Inner Attitude]]
'''Svadhyaya 2'''
Svadhyaya 2
[[Attention Summary | Attention]]
[[Attention Cellular Transformation Summary | AttentionCellular Transformation]] [[Health and Healing Summary | Health and Healing]] [[Meditation Summary | Meditation]] [[Receptivity Summary | Receptivity]]   '''Svadhyaya 3'''  [[Devotion/Bhakti Summary | Devotion/Bhakti]] [[Honesty Summary | Honesty]]
[[Oneness Rejection Summary | OnenessRejection]]
[[Cellular Transformation Stillness Summary | Cellular TransformationStillness]]
[[Religion Speech Summary | ReligionSpeech]]
[[Health and Healing Cells Summary | Health and HealingCells]]
[[Refining of Senses Suffering Summary | Refining of SensesSuffering]]
[[Divine Love Laziness Summary | Divine LoveLaziness]]
[[Meditation Healing Summary | MeditationHealing]]
[[Calm Unifying One's Being Summary | CalmUnifying One's Being]]