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=The education of a human being should begin at birth and continue throughout his life.=
The three foundational principles of Integral Education:
1. Nothing can be taught- The teacher in Integral Education is a helper and guide who shows the child how to acquire knowledge by helping him to seek it from within.
2. The mind has to be consulted in its own growth- The child blossoms according to his own nature and not according to the image set by the parent or teacher.
3. To work from the near to the far - Education begins from understanding the immediate realms and gradually moving to ideas and images alien to the physical surroundings.
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Image:PhysicalEducation_1Physical.jpg|[[Physical Education]]
Image:VitalEducation_1.jpg|[[Vital Education]]
Image:MentalEducation_1.jpg|[[Mental Education]]
Image:SpiritualEducation_1.jpg|[[Spiritual Education]]
==Completed Modules==
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! style="text-align:left;" |[[Mental Education | Mental Education]]
! style="text-align:left;" |[[Psychic Education | Psychic Education]]
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[[Food Summary | Food]]
[[Illness Summary | Illness]]
[[Prenatal Education Summary | Prenatal Education]]
[[Hathayoga Summary | Hathayoga]]
[[Habits Summary | Habits]]
[[Breath Summary | Breath]]
[[Aesthetic Sense]]
[[Fear Summary | Fear]]
[[Lower Vital Summary | Lower Vital]]
[[Emotional Being Summary | Emotional Being]]
[[Art Summary| Art]]
[[Money Summary| Money]]
[[Effort Summary | Effort]]
[[ Anger Summary | Anger]]
[[Personality Summary | Personality]]
[[Happiness Summary | Happiness]]
[[Refining of Senses Summary | Refining of Senses]]
[[Concentration Summary | Concentration]]
[[Curiosity Summary | Curiosity]]
[[Expansion and Widening Summary | Expansion and Widening]]
[[Imagination Summary | Imagination]]
[[Self Observation Summary | Self Observation]]
[[Silence Summary | Silence]]
[[Aspiration Summary | Aspiration]]
[[Beauty Summary | Beauty]]
[[Discipline Summary | Discipline]]
[[Freedom Summary | Freedom]]
[[Individualisation Summary | Individualisation]]
[[Perfection Summary | Perfection]]
[[Perseverance Summary | Perseverance]]
[[Psychic Being Summary | Psychic Being]]
[[Purity and Purification Summary | Purity and Purification]]
[[Sincerity Summary | Sincerity]]
[[Gratitude Summary | Gratitude]]
[[Love Summary | Love]]
[[Colours Summary | Colours]]
[[Purpose Summary | Purpose]]
[[Will to Progress Summary | Will to Progress]]
[[Humility Summary | Humility]]
[[Compassion Summary | Compassion]]
[[Divine Love Summary | Divine Love]]
[[Courage Summary | Courage]]
[[Surrender Summary | Surrender]]
[[Equanimity Summary | Equanimity]]
[[Mantra Summary | Mantra]]
[[Detachment Summary | Detachment]]
[[Grace Summary | Grace]]
[[Inner Attitude Summary | Inner Attitude]]
[[Calm Summary | Calm]]
[[Religion Summary | Religion]]
[[Oneness Summary | Oneness]]
==This website is a work in progress==
*[[Modules Under Preparation|Completed Modules]]
*[[Not reviewed|Modules to be Reviewed]]
*[[The Mother|The Mother on Education]]
*[[Sri Aurobindo|Sri Aurobindo on Education]]
*[[Related Books/Publications]]
*[[Psychic Education - Some Insights from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother]]
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