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That steal his name and shape and ecstasy,
He is still the godhead by which all can change.,p49</center>
= Bhakti and Love =
Love, bhakti, surrender, the psychic opening are the only short cut to the Divine—or can be; for if the love and bhakti are too vital, then there is likely to be a seesaw between ecstatic expectation and viraha, abhimāna, despair, which will make it not a shortcut but a long one, a zigzag, not a straight flight, a whirling round one's own ego instead of a running towards the Divine.
There are different kinds of bhakti and that which is of the nature of love is the strongest and is considered the highest, most intense and ecstatic of all. Also in love itself that form of it which is made of self-giving; surrender, absolute adoration, urge towards a selfless union is the true kind of bhakti that is love. <ref></ref>
Selflessness, self-giving, entire faith and confidence, absence of demand and desire, surrender to the Divine Will, love concentrated on the Divine—are some of the main signs [of true love and bhakti]. <ref></ref>
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