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All quarrels proceed from egoism which pushes its own opinions and affirms its own importance, considering that it is right and everybody else wrong and thus creates anger, sense of injury etc. These things must not be indulged, but rejected at once. <ref></ref>
Quarrels and clashes are a proof of the absence of the yogic poise.
It is easy enough not to clash when there is no cause for strife Or dispute or quarrel; it is when there is cause and the other side is impossible and unreasonable that one gets the opportunity of rising above one’s vital nature. <ref></ref>
A condition in which there is no restlessness or disturbance.
It is only if you keep quiet and steady within that the lines of experience can go on with some steadiness- though they are never without periods of interruption and fluctuation; but these if properly treated, can then become periods of assimilation and exhaustion of difficulty rather than denials of sadhana.
=Quiet Flow=
The quiet flow is necessary for permeating the lower parts. The big descents open the way and bring constant reinforcement and the culminating force at the end; but the quiet flow is also needed.