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'''[[Glossary|Back to Glossary]]'''
Most people live in their ordinary outer ignorant personality which does not easily open to the Divine ; but there is an inner being within them of which they do not know, which can easily open to the Truth and the Light. But there is a wall which divides them from it, a wall of obscurity and unconsciousness. When it breaks down there is a release. <ref></ref>
ObstructionThe obstruction of the lower Nature or the pressure of the adverse forces can often act successfully for a time, even for a long time, against the necessary change. One has then to persist, to put always the will on the side of the Divine, rejecting what has to be rejected, opening oneself to the true Light and true Force, calling it down quietly, steadfastly, without tiring, without depression or impatience, until one feels the Divine Force at work and the obstacle beginning to give way. <ref></ref>
==OccultForces== The forces that can only be known by going behind the veil of apparent phenomena—especially the forces of the subtle physical and supraphysical planes. <ref></ref>