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Sometimes the students are taken for full moon walks around Auroville, where they experience the adventure of getting to know how places are at night time and what types of animals, birds, reptiles and other creatures live next to their existing environment. Star-gazing and getting lost in the quietude of night time are beautiful experiences. The creative streak comes alive through such activities.They learn to appreciate the beauty of stillness and darkness—when everything around them seems to be asleep yet awake. <ref> (under night walks)</ref>
== Heritage Tour Tours ==
Such tours instil the beauty of wonder in the students by visiting temples and other places of historic importance. It is good to take them out for educational tours and expose them to first hand knowledge rather than studying about the same in books. For instance, in Auroville schools, all the staff and students had a one day heritage tour to Thirukovilur, Arakandanalur and Adhi Thiruvarangam about 90 kilometers distance from Auroville. <ref> (p.71)</ref>