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Goddess of the supreme knowledge ; brings to us her vision for all kinds and widenesses of truth, her rectitude of the spiritual will, the calm and passion of her supramental largeness, her felicity and illumination. <ref></ref>
Hathayogic siddhi. <ref></ref> By perfect mahima one can, without muscular development, outdo the feats of a Hercules. <ref></ref>
Manas is the sense mind, that which perceives physical objects and happenings through the senses and forms mental percepts about them and mental reactions to them; it also observes the reactions of the Chitta, feelings, emotions, sensations etc. <ref></ref>
Navel centre. ''Nābhipadma'' - governs the larger vital. <ref></ref>
Matter consciousness is inert as well as largely subconscious - active only when driven by an energy, otherwise inactive and immobile. <ref></ref>
==Mechanical Movements==
Activity of the physical mind. <ref></ref> The mechanical movements are always more difficult to stop by the mental will, because they do not in the least depend upon reason or any mental justification but are founded upon association or else a mere mechanical memory and habit. <ref></ref>
A process leading towards knowledge and through knowledge; it is a thing of the head and not of the heart. <ref></ref>
Memory is the indispensable aid of the mind to preserve its past observations, the memory of the individual but also of the race. <ref></ref>
==Mental Being==