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… sincere aspiration
An aspiration which is not mixed with any interested and egoistic calculation. <ref></ref>
That [fiery aspiration] is all right, that is the psychic aspiration, the psychic fire. Where the vital comes in is in the impatience for result and dissatisfaction if the result is not immediate. That must cease. <ref></ref>
The first thing needed is to become conscious of the Divine Will, and in order to do that one must no longer have any desires or personal will.
The best way to achieve this (become conscious of the Divine Will) is to direct one’s whole aspiration towards the Divine Perfection, to give oneself to it without reserve and to rely on That alone for all satisfaction.
All the rest will follow as a result. <ref>,p5,p6</ref>
==What is Aspiration in the Different Parts of Being==