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=How To Aspire?=
==='''Prerequisite For Aspiration==='''
The flame of the will and the flame of humility are needed. <ref>,p30</ref>
By doing work with a simple and peaceful heart and a quiet mind, the aspiration will come gradually according to the need. <ref></ref>
==='''Process In Aspiration==='''
Each time that you discover in yourself something that denies or resists, throw it into the flame of Agni, which is the fire of aspiration. <ref></ref>
In a great aspiration, if you can put yourself into contact with something higher, some influence of your psychic being or some light from above, and if you can manage to put this in touch with these lower movements. <ref>,p17,p18,p19</ref>
==='''Practices For Aspiration==='''
Keep your aspiration steady and be patient in your endeavour—and you are sure of success. <ref> </ref>