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==Lack of Curiosity is Generally Due to Mental Inertia==
''Q. Are mental indifference and lack of curiosity a sort of mental inertia?''
 ''A.'' Usually they are due to mental inertia, unless one has obtained calm and indifference through a very intense sadhana resulting in a perfect equality for which the good and bad, the pleasant and unpleasant no longer exist. But in that case, mental activity is replaced by an intuitive activity of a much higher kind. <ref>,p112</ref>
==Unhealthy Mental Curiosity==
==Through Education==
''Q. What can we do to obtain calm and quietness in the class and get the children to do some work?''
''A.The only effective thing is to create or awaken in them a real interest in study, the need to learn and to know, to awaken their mental curiosity.