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==Through Education==
‘’What ''What can we do to obtain calm and quietness in the class and get the children to do some work?’’'' 
The only effective thing is to create or awaken in them a real interest in study, the need to learn and to know, to awaken their mental curiosity.
‘’G''G: (Referring to L, who wrote to Mother asking how Aurovilians should relate to the local villagers) This is L. He is the one who asked the questions.’’'' 
Ah! For your questions, the best way, you see, it is education. To educate them not by words and speeches but by example. If you can make them mix with your life and your work, and they get the influence of your way of being, your way of understanding, then, little by little, they will change. And when they become curious and ask questions, then it will be time to answer and to tell them what you know. <ref>,p172</ref>