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Read Summary of '''[[Food]]'''
==Table of Contents==
=What are the Effects of Food?= 1
Why the Physical Being prefers to have Certain Food? 5
=Why is Food Important?= 5
==For a Balanced Body== 5
==For Development of Senses== 5
=How to Eat Consciously?= 7
==How to Eat the Right Quantity of Food?== 7
===Impact of Fasting or Reduction in Intake of Food=== 11
==Right Attitude to Take Food== 13
===By the Spirit of Consecration=== 14
===By Detachment=== 15
===By Taking the Attitude of Indifference === 17
=== By Controlling the Desire for Food=== 18
==How to Stop Thinking About Food?== 20
=Helpful Practices= 20
==Feeding Children== 23
=More on Food= 24
==Avoiding Uneasiness Due to Smell of Food== 24
==Accepting or Refusing Someone’s Invitation for Food== 24
==Donation of Food to the Poor== 24
==Wastage of Food== 25
==Other Aspects == 25
=What are the Effects of Food?=