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=What Is Aspiration?=
Aspiration is a dynamic push of your whole nature behind the resolution to reach the Divine.<ref></ref> ...[It is] the turning upward of the inner being with a call, yearning, prayer for the Truth or whatever else is the aim of one’s endeavour. <ref></ref>.
==Aspiration In Relation To Other Divine Qualities?==
Also total sincerity is needed for the aspiration to be fulfilled. <ref></ref>
Sincerity… means Sincerity…means that one is really in earnest in his aspiration and refuses all other will or impulse except the Divine’s. <ref></ref>
==How is Aspiration Different from Desire?==
Aspiration… is Aspiration…is not mixed with any interested and egoistic calculation. <ref></ref>
In aspiration there is an unselfish flame which is not present in desire. True aspiration does not come from the head; even when it is formulated by a thought, it springs up like a flame from the heart…. <ref>,p20</ref>
==What Is Aspiration In The Different Parts Of Being==