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Clearly out of rajasic, tamasic and sattwic foods, from the perspective of inner and outer hygiene, sattwic food is preferable. However, what particular eatables are or are not sattwic is another question and more difficult to determine. Spiritually, I should say that the effect of food depends more on the occult atmosphere and influences that come with it than on anything in the food itself. <ref></ref> When we eat, we should be conscious that we are giving our food to that Presence in us. <ref></ref>
Rajasic-tamasic food is excitant of certain strong material-vital forces. It is obvious that if one wants to conquer the physical passions and is still very much subject to the body nature and the things that affect it, free indulgence in rajasic-tamasic is not advisable. <ref></ref>
It is only for those who have risen above the body consciousness and mastered it and are not affected by these things that it does not at all matter; for them the use of this or that food or its disuse makes no difference. At the same time the abstinence from rajasic or tamasic foods does not of itself assure freedom from the things they help to stimulate. <ref></ref>
About food, the aim of Yoga is to have no hankerings, no slavery either to the stomach or the palate. <ref>,p5</ref>
Vegetarianism is another question altogether; it stands on a will not to do harm to the more conscious forms of life for the satisfaction of the belly. <ref></ref>
There so many contradictory reports on the effects of food, spices, etc., that food must be—like all the rest—a personal affair and consequently no general rule can be made and, still less, enforced. <ref></ref>
… people who work in order to develop their taste, to refine it, are rarely very much attached to food. It is not through attachment to food that they do it. It is for the cultivation of their senses, which is a very different thing. <ref></ref>
=How to Eat Consciously ?=