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Read more about '''[[Fear Compilation|Fear]]''' from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
<h1>Fear Summary</h1>
= What is Fear ? =
Fear is a phenomenon of unconsciousness. It is a kind of anguish that comes from ignorance. One does not know the nature of a certain thing, does not know its effect or what will happen, does not know the consequences of one's acts, one does not know so many things; and this ignorance brings fear. One fears what one does not know. <ref></ref>
Fear is also a terribly contagious collective thing—it is much more contagious than the most contagious of illnesses. You breathe an atmosphere of fear and instantly you feel frightened, without even knowing why or how, nothing, simply because there was an atmosphere of fear.<ref></ref>  
'''Types of Fear'''
Fear can be classified as mental fear, vital fear and physical fear. The majority of the peopleMental fear—all who have a little control over themselves or any human dignity can eliminate it; vital fear is more subtle and asks for a greater control; as for physical fear, a veritable yoga is necessary to overcome it, for the physical is governed by cells of the subconscious and fears that body are driven out afraid of active consciousness take refuge in everything that subconscious. Thusis unpleasant, painful, and as soon as there is any unease, the physical fear even if it is in insignificant, the subconscious hidden by cells of the mental and vital fear which are much more body become anxious, they don't like to be uncomfortable. And then, to overcome that, the control of a consciouswill is necessary. <ref></ref>
'''Mental Fear'''
 =Why there is Fear?=
'''Mental Fear'''
'''Physical Fear'''
Because in In the large majority of men, the body receives its inspirations from the subconscient, it is under the influence of the subconscient. All the fears driven out from the active consciousness go and take refuge there and then, naturally, they have to be chased out from the subconscient and uprooted from there. <ref></ref>
 =How to Overcome Fears?=
Fear can be overcome by vigilance, courage, calmness, attitude of surrender and wideness of consciousness.
Read more about '''[[Fear Compilation|Fear]]''' from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
== References ==