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It is in silence or quietude that we feel most firmly the Something that is behind the world shown to us by our mind and senses. <ref></ref>
== How Silence is Different From ==
Silence of the mind, peace or calm in the mind are three things that are very close together and bring each other. <ref></ref>
=== Quietude ===
Silence is more than quietude; it can be gained by banishing thought altogether from the inner mind keeping it voiceless or quite outside; but more easily it is established by a descent from above—one feels it coming down, entering and occupying, or surrounding the personal consciousness which then tends to merge itself in the vast impersonal silence. <ref></ref>
=== Calm ===
It is not necessary [in a calm mind] that there should be no thought. When there is no thought, it is silence. But the mind is said to be calm when thoughts, feelings, etc. may pass through it, but it is not disturbed. It feels that the thoughts are not its own; it observes them perhaps; but it is not perturbed by anything. <ref></ref>
=== Peace ===
It is from the Silence that the peace comes; when the peace deepens and deepens, it becomes more and more the Silence. <ref></ref>
=== Continence of Speech ===
To remain in silence as much as possible is good for a time. But entire retirement is seldom found to be helpful—the lower movements may remain quiescent owing to want of stimulus from outside, but do not disappear. For that you must be able to get an inner quietude and a mastery over the outer movements which will resist any atmosphere. <ref></ref>
== Inner Silence ==