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The faculty of concentrated attention can be developed scientifically by a methodical training the same way as an athlete develops methodically his muscles. The power of concentration can be developed in such a way that concentration is obtained at will and on whatever subject or activity is chosen. <ref> </ref>
When one has a problem and one is looking for a solution, if it does not come, it is because of a kind of haziness in the brain, something cloudy, like a fog somewhere. Concentration consists precisely in removing the cloud. You One can gather together all the elements of your one's intelligence and fix them on one point, and then you do not even try actively to find the thing. All that you one should do is to concentrate in such a way as to see only the problem—but seeing not only its surface, seeing it in its depth, what it conceals. If you are one is able to gather together one's all your mental energies, bringing them to a point which is fixed on the enunciation of the problem, and you stay there, fixed, as though you were about , to drill a hole in the wall, all of a sudden it will come. And this is the only way. <ref> </ref>
The method is always the same. Gather together the energies While engaging in you that are usually dispersed outside; concentrate your consciousness within, beneath the surface agitationwork, one must become what one is doing and establish, as far as possible, not remain a perfect quietness in your heart and headsmall person looking at himself doing it; then formulate your aspiration, for if you have onelooks at oneself acting, one is still in complicity with the ego. It is through concentrated attention that one can do things quickly and open yourself to receive the divine force from aboveone does them much better. <ref> </ref>
While engaging in work, you must become what you are doing and not remain a small person looking at himself doing it; for if one looks at oneself acting, one is still in complicity with the ego. It is through concentrated attention that When one can do things quickly and one does them much better. <ref> </ref>  When you want wants to realise something, you make one makes quite spontaneously the necessary effort; this concentrates your one's energies on the thing to be realised and that gives a meaning to your one's life. This compels you one to a sort of organisation of yourselfoneself, a sort of concentration of your one's energies because it is this that you wish one wishes to do and not fifty other things which contradict it. And it is in this concentration, this intensity of the will, that lies the origin of joy. This gives you the power to receive energies in exchange for those you spendspent. <ref></ref>
== Concentration in Integral Yoga ==