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== Concentration in Integral Yoga ==
Concentration does not mean meditation; on the contrary, concentration is a state one must be in continuously, whatever the outer activity. It means that all the energy, all the will, all the aspiration must be turned only towards the Divine and His integral realisation in our consciousness. <ref> </ref>
Yogic concentration is an extension and intensification of the normal power of concentration to realise the object of yoga which is the integral union with the Divine. <ref></ref> Concentration is indeed the first condition of any Yoga, but it is an all-receiving concentration that is the very nature of the integral Yoga. A wide massive opening, a harmonised concentration of the whole being in all its parts and through all its powers upon the Divine is the larger action of this Yoga without which it cannot achieve its purpose. This wide and concentrated totality is the essential character of the Sadhana. <ref></ref>
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