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You must dismiss the fear of the concentration. The emptiness you feel coming on you is the silence of the great peace in which you become aware of your self, not as the small ego shut up in the body, but as the spiritual self wide as the universe. Consciousness is not dissolved; it is the limits of the consciousness that are dissolved. In that silence thoughts may cease for a time, there may be nothing but a great limitless freedom and wideness, but into that silence, that empty wideness descends the vast peace from above, light, bliss, knowledge, the higher Consciousness in which you feel the oneness of the Divine. It is the beginning of the transformation and there is nothing in it to fear. <ref></ref>
This is true, altogether true, it is at the moment when all is silenced in order that man may become conscious of his origin that he, in his folly, in order to distract himself conceives or carries out the worst stupidities.
To distract himself because he is unable to bear the force of the Light?
The pressure is too strong?
Yes, there are those who are afraid, they are panic-stricken. They cannot bear it so they turn to anything at all to get out of it. (The Mother, 12 March 1951) <ref>,p48,p49,p50,p51</ref>
''' Resistance to Face Themselves'''