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<h1>Concentration Summary</h1> {|class="wikitable" style= "background-color: #efefff; width: 100%;"|== What is concentration ==
Concentration means gathering of all the scattered movements of consciousness into a single point, place, object, thought, idea, condition, state or movement. <ref></ref> <ref></ref> <ref> </ref>
Concentration is not only an intellectual thing, it may be found in all the activities of the being, including bodily activities. The control over the nerves should be such as would allow you a complete concentration on what you are doing and, through the very intensity of your concentration, you acquire an immediate response to external touches. To attain this concentration you need a conscious control of the energies. <ref> </ref>
== Why Concentrate==
Without concentration one cannot achieve anything. <ref></ref>
3. By concentration of our whole being on one status of itself, we can become whatever we choose. <ref> </ref>
== How to Concentrate ==
The faculty of concentrated attention can be developed scientifically by a methodical training the same way as an athlete develops methodically his muscles. The power of concentration can be developed in such a way that concentration is obtained at will and on whatever subject or activity is chosen. <ref> </ref>
There must be a large, many-sided yet single concentration of the thought on the idea, the perception, the vision, the awakening touch, the soul's realisation of the one Divine. There must be a flaming concentration of the heart on the seeking of the All and Eternal and, when once we have found him, a deep plunging and immersion in the possession and ecstasy of the All-Beautiful. There must be a strong and immovable concentration of the will on the attainment and fulfillment of all that the Divine is and a free and plastic opening of it to all that he intends to manifest in us. This is the triple way of the Yoga. <ref></ref>
'''Content curated by Manoj Pavitran and Divyanshi Chugh'''
{|class="wikitable" style= "background-color: #efefff; width: 100%;"
'''Content curated by Manoj Pavitran and Divyanshi Chugh'''