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So long as one remains in the world-existence, this perfection must radiate out from him,—for that is the necessity of his oneness with the universe and its beings. <ref>ttp://</ref>
= What =
*Perfection is not a maximum or an extreme. It is an equilibrium and a harmonisation.
*Perfection is not a summit, it is not an extreme. There is no extreme: whatsoever you do, there is always the possibility of something better and exactly this possibility of something better is the very meaning of progress.
*Perfection is eternal; it is only the resistance of the world that makes it progressive.
*It may be said that perfection is attained, though it remains progressive, when the receptivity from below is equal to the force from above which wants to manifest.
*Perfection is all that we want to become in our highest aspiration.
= How =