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It is evident that our state on the surface is indeed a state of knowledge, so far as it goes, but a limited knowledge enveloped and invaded by ignorance and, to a very large extent, by reason of its limitation, itself a kind of ignorance, at best a mixed knowledge-ignorance.
= Three things to be aware of =
Be aware of “many voices” within. All are not divine and many may only be a voice of desire. You should be vigilant and be faithful to the Truth and insist on peace, purity, devotion, sincerity. Aspire for a spiritual change of nature and keep the fire of aspiration burning.
Be aware of the “escape attitude’’ as man always rushes into external action and looks for reasons to not have time to observe himself and turn inward.
There is “danger of ego” in observing the movements and attaching the sense of ‘I’’to the process of self-observing and not going behind the surface level I.
= Results of Self-observation =