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And the truth is that if instead of being shut up in the narrow limits of their little person, they could so widen their consciousness as to be able not only to identify themselves with others in their narrow limits, but to come out of these limits, pass beyond, spread out everywhere, unite with the one Consciousness and become all things, then, at that moment the narrow limits will vanish, but not before.
= Fear and Illness =
Nine-tenths of the danger in an illness comes from fear. Fear can give the apparent symptoms of an illness; and it can give the illness too,—its effects can go so far as that. <ref></ref> Refusing the illness,completely trusting the Divine while infusing oneself with a confidence in the Divine Grace and busying yourself with something else can  completely eliminate the fear in the cells of the body and help one not catch even contagious diseases. <ref></ref>Fear and Death
One of the most subtle fear is the fear of death which comes from  the concern for self-preservation so as to ensure the continuity of consciousness, fearing the unknown. THowever, this fear of death is in the physical cells selves which is beyond reason and almost unconscious. Thus, it is the most difficult to uproot.
This fear goes against the fundamental notion that  life is One and immortal. The forms are countless, fleeting and brittle. This understanding can help us overcome fear of death.  Thus reason can be used, another method is that of inner seeking i.e. searching the immortal light of psychic consciousness which is in all and identifying with it.  Complete surrender to the Divine, and believing that all of us belong to Him integrally. <ref></ref>
The fear of death is not just restricted to the death of the physical, but also the death of the ego, the death of a past version of one’s self, the fear of letting go. When one does not have the courage to live, it is often because something within oneself has to die for something new to be born. It is then one should have that '''courage''', the true '''courage''' to abolish the ego. <ref></ref>
= Fear and Religion =