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Because in the large majority of men, the body receives its inspirations from the subconscient, it is under the influence of the subconscient. All the fears driven out from the active consciousness go and take refuge there and then, naturally, they have to be chased out from the subconscient and uprooted from there. <ref></ref>
= Overcoming Fear How to Overcome Fears=One needs to put sincere effort and discipline in overcoming physical fear. To put effort one needs to be courageous in not thinking about the object of fear, because when one fears and constantly imagines the object of fearIf you remain vigilant, then it is as though one is attracting with the object increase of fear. Instead one must use one’s mind to imagine how would one like to respond to the object Force upholding you, a power of fear.Through expanding one's consciousnessself-control will come, by educating it a power to see and opening to reject the wrong turn or the divine light one can let go of all grief wrong reaction when it comes. Fear and fearunhappiness will not give you that. If one truly believes in the Divine, surrenders It is only by this vigilance accompanied by an opening to the Divine, supporting and opens one’s self to its protection and light, putting away one's own ego, fear is bound to go awayguiding Force that it will come. <ref></ref>When One of the great remedies for conquering fear is deeply rooted, to face boldly what one needs fears. You are put face to grip it hard and pull it out, which hurts face with the surface nature, but if one can have the courage danger you fear and focus on one’s light, you fear it is possibleno longer. One needs to be vigilant and not allow it to come backThe fear disappears. <ref></ref>Progress can be really slow but through courage In order to set out on these paths without fear and faith without any danger, one can fight must have organised his being with the adverse forces help of reason around the highest centre he consciously possesses, and expand the consciousness.When one lacks the trust organised it in such a way that it is inwardly in the divinehis control and he has not to say at every moment, "Ah! I have done this, they solely depend on themselvesI don't know why. This Ah! That's happened to me, I don't know why"—and always it is "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know", and as long as it is like that, the path can be difficult as one’s trust still lies in ego’s personal independence and there is a refusal to surrendersomewhat dangerous. <ref></ref>Mind and vital are mixed And the truth is that if instead of being shut up on in the surface narrow limits of the their little person, they could so widen their consciousnessas to be able not only to identify themselves with others in their narrow limits, but they are quite separate forces in themselves. As one is able to separate themcome out of these limits, pass beyond, their distinct action can be understood and used in overcoming fear. Mind can accept spread out everywhere, unite with the Divine more easily while the vital is unconvinced one Consciousness and obstinately goes on in search of desirebecome all things, then, passion and attraction to at that moment the ordinary lifenarrow limits will vanish, but not before. Then, mind under the influence of the soul can be  used to govern the vital<ref></ref>
= Fear and Illness =