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= How to Expand one’s Consciousnessor Widen? =
We start The easiest way is to identify yourself with the something vast. For instance, when you feel that you are shut up in a completely narrow and limited thought, will to expand from the ignorant , consciousness to , when you feel as though you were in a boundless finite. <ref>, then if you begin thinking about something very vast, as for example, the immensity of the-origin-waters of an ocean, and-remedy-if really you can think of-falsehood-error-wrong-this ocean and-evil#p29</ref> We engage how it stretches out far, far, far, far, in new range of activities. We work all directions, like this (Mother stretches out her arms), how, compared with you, it is so far, so far that you cannot see the sense of unity with other shore, you cannot reach its end anywhere, neither behind nor in front nor to the Divineright or left... it is wide, wide, wide, wide.. We . you think of this and then you feel the Divine movingthat you are floating on this sea, like that, thinking and feeling in usthat there are no limits... This is very easy. To feel the body in the wide free self and not attached to the limitations of the bodyThen you can widen your consciousness a little.(The Mother, 29 September 1954)
Make all activities an outpouring of love for the One in All who is the Highest . <ref>The Mother. (2003). 29 September 1954. In Questions and answers (1954).</ref> Love for all forms and creatures around us, we break free from the shell of ego.
Surrender of our little selves - our personal It is like the people who cultivate their intelligence, who learn, read, think, compare, study. These people's minds widen and they are much vaster and more understanding than those who live without mental education, with a few petty ideas which sometimes are even contradictory in their consciousness and govern them totally because these are the only ones they have and they think these are unique ideaswhich should guide their life; these people are altogether narrow and limited whereas those who are trained and have studied—this at least widens their minds and they can see, desires compare ideas and attachments so see that all possible ideas are there in the Divine may take up everything. If we insist on our own ideas world and reasoningsthat it is a pettiness, greater Light an absurdity to be attached to a limited number of ideas and Knowledge cannot comeconsider them the exclusive expression of truth. (The Mother, 23 February 1955)<ref>The Mother. (2003). 23 February 1955. In Questions and answers (1955).</ref>
To have an intense aspiration to expand. We must shift ..if you.. realise your little person which is a second in eternity, not even a second, you know, imperceptible, a fragment of a second in eternity, that the whole world has unrolled before this and will unroll yet, indefinitely—before, behind—and that... well, then suddenly you see the stress utter ridiculousness of consciousness from external being the importance you attach to what happened to you... Truly you feel... to what an extent it is absurd to attach any importance to one's life, to oneself, and to the inner being or still deeper what happen to you. And in the psychic beingspace of three minutes, if you do this properly, all unpleasantness is swept away. Even a very deep pain can be swept away. Be Simply a concentration like a transmitting this, and to place oneself in infinity and eternity. Everything goes away. One comes out of it cleansed. One can get rid of all attachments and receiving stationeven, I say, of the wider deepest sorrows—of everything, in this way—if one knows how to do it in the range right way. It immediately takes you out of your little ego. There we are.(The Mother, the more force it can hold29 September 1954)<ref>The Mother. (2003). 29 September 1954. In Questions and answers (1954).http://incarnateword. in/cwm/06/29-september-1954#p38</ref>
By becoming more quieter Naturally, it is to widen and illumine your consciousness—but how to do it? Your own consciousness... to widen and calmer without getting excited illumine it. And if you could find, each one of you, your psychic and agitatedunite with it, we put ourselves all the problems would be solved.(The Mother, 8 February 1973)<ref>The Mother. (2003). 8 February 1973. In On education. /cwm/12/8-february-1973#p2</ref> True surrender enlarges you; it increases your capacity; it gives you a capacity to receive greater measure in quality and in quantity which you could not have had by yourself. This new greater measure of quality and quantity is different from anything you could attain before: you enter into another world, into a wideness which you could not have entered if you did not surrender. It is as when a drop of water falls into the higher forcessea; if it still kept there its separate identity, it would remain a little drop of water and nothing more, a little drop crushed by all the immensity around, because it has not surrendered. (The Mother, 4 August 1929)<ref>The Mother. (2002). 4 august 1929. In Questions and answers (1929-1931).</ref>
= Outcomes of Expansion of Consciousness =